Raw Challenge: Final Day

It’s day 5 y’all!! I will show a couple of photos and then tell you my experience, thoughts, feelings.  Continue reading


Raw Vegan Challenge

Hey guys!

[I made a video but for some reason it didn’t upload here :(]

Posting to share some exciting news! I’ll be doing a Raw Vegan Challenge this week! I did some major food shopping yesterday, here’s part of my haul:

 I’m somewhat ready to take this on and I’m looking forward to see the results! 

Concerns: losing weight, being hungry, tired

Expectations: glowing skin, flat tummy, no inflammation

Prep: So far, I prepped carrots by finely chopping them and putting them in a zip lock bag, and in the fridge. Shredded a head of broccoli using a grater and put away the same way. Took out the seeds of pomegranate and put them in a zip lock as well. I’ll be putting these in salads and it’ll save me time.

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